Temple Yoga is located in Downtown DeKalb near 2nd & Lincoln Highway. We are dedicated to bringing yoga to our community!  We offer a number of styles of classes that are appropriate for all levels.

We also offer training programs, such as ,Yoga Teacher Training, Reiki I, II, and III certifications, Pranyama (breathing) with Gong courses, chakra courses, monthly community meditation, reiki shares, and other workshops through out the year.

Find your center with Temple Yoga. We are honored to serve our community.

Amy Offering Reiki to Emily.

Our Services

Sonja, the only Kundalini yoga teacher in northern Illinois. Her classes are full of energy.

We offer a variety of classes and services to fit your needs. Contact us today at templeyogafitness@gmail.com or call (815) 900-9779 if you have any questions, or need to book an appointment.

Vinyasa Flow – A quicker yoga class, expect to sweat.

Restorative Yoga-slow relaxing, hold postures for a longer period of time

Slow Yoga-Slow class, includes standing poses

Medium Paced Yoga-medium pace, longer holds with balance and stability included

Restorative Yoga, with optional chair – For those who may need more stability in their practice, and for those who may find traditional poses too stressful on their joints, join us for a relaxing class.

Friday Fusion – Medium pace classes with an even distribution of balance and stretching.

Corporate yoga or Corporate body weight circuit class – Help your employees improve their well being with either a yoga class or a body weight strength class.

Private yoga sessions – Need an individualized sequence made for your needs, want more one on one time with the instructor. Book a private session today. Email templeyogafitness@gmail.com or call or text, (815) 900-9779 to book your session.

Online personal training – Get a program designed just for you, your goals and ability levels will be put into a program.

Energy Healing/Reiki – Balance your energy in your body, your Reiki practitioner will use guided meditation, aromatherapy and sound therapy to ensure you get the most benefit from your experience.

Kundalini Yoga –  An effective way to both strengthen and stretch the muscles. The increased flexibility gained through Kundalini Yoga will help prevent injury and avoid pain. In addition, because Kundalini Yoga incorporates the physical aspects of yoga, along with mind and spirit, into an integrated system, you gain a working understanding of mind/body connection. The meditations you will learn will improve your concentration and focus which will improve your ability to function at your best.

Reiki Restorative yoga class – 90 minutes, Reiki paired with restorative work synergistically to achieve a deeply relaxed state. Within this relaxed emotional and physical state is the opportunity to activate and enable the individuals intrinsic, inner and natural healing capabilities. Each individual’s experience will be very unique and personalized.

Beginners Yoga – This class offers a slower approach to poses. Your instructor will take extra time getting you into poses and is available for help. Poses will be accessible to most people.

Satsang –  Satsang is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning a sacred gathering and spiritual discourse. We begin with a gentle breathing exercise, followed by meditation. The spiritual discourse will be a topic chosen from one of the many ancient and current sacred texts to bring you inside to the source of your divinity. Sometimes questions arise and space is created to ask and question. Wear comfortable clothing, layers are recommended.

Hatha Yoga – Hatha Yoga is an ancient system which includes the practice of asanas, or yoga postures, and pranayama, which are breathing exercises, practiced together help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.

Reiki I, II, and III Training – Interested in becoming a Level I Reiki Practitioner? Reiki, whose origins began thousands of years ago, is a practice that harnesses the Universal Life Force, or Prana, in a hands-on method of healing.
This first of three sessions will give students the knowledge and ability to heal themselves and others.

Women’s self defense – Learn from Nancy Long, a 4th degree Kukkiwon (world) black belt in Tae Kwon Do, for a monthly offering of women’s self-defense. Nancy has 14 years of experience in practicing Tae Kwon Do and is eager to help the community stay safe. Nancy learned these self-defense techniques from Navy Seal impact fighting, and Arnis style knife fighting. Learn some not some common, common sense, about avoiding predators, learn how to “foil” the attacker’s plan, get away safely, how to physically defend yourself from an attack, and what the appropriate means of action are given the situation.

Nicole Goodrich is a 2017 graduate of the Therapeutic Massage Program at Kishwaukee College. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Illinois.
She excels in relaxation massage benefiting to reduce stress, help lower blood pressure, improve circulation and lymphatic flow which can overall strengthen your immune system. Massage also helps in pain management and can help improve posture by relaxing muscles to provide proper bone support, having this can eliminate lower back pain due to prolonged sitting or standing incorrectly.
To schedule your appointment with Nicole, contact her directly: (779) 212-0939 call or text.

1hr massage $60.00
30min massage $40.00
1.5hr massage $90.00
2hr massage $120.00

Massage Packages:
5 – 1hr massage sessions $255.00
(15% off each hour)
10 – 1hr massage sessions $480.00
(20% off each hour)

1 class: $15
10 class: $100
10 class pack for college students (must show college ID): $80
Reiki and Restorative: $24 or $20 with a 10 class pass
Private Reiki: $75
Corporate Yoga: $150 per hour for 18 students or less
Reiki I, II or III certification: $175
Online fitness training programs: $200 for 6 week program
Yoga Teacher Training: $3000
Workshops: $25
Women’s self defense: $18



Katie, one of our beautiful teachers. Bringing love and light from her heart to yours.



205 North 2nd Street, Suite A
DeKalb, Illinois 60115

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