The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction:

To me the law of attraction is a way of becoming focused, intentional, and to take responsibility for one’s own life and thoughts. Here’s a shortened version of some of my own experiences with this lifestyle that I do my best to embody.

My first memory of exposure to the law of attraction was at about 12 years old (2002, I was in the 6th grade), I remember reading something in a children’s bible it said something along the lines of: “if you believe it, it will come true”. I tried to hang on to that belief for as long as I could, as I got older that thought process seemed to slip my mind.

I believe I first read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne in 2008. My parents gave it to me as a Christmas present. This might have been my second exposure to the law of attraction. I found it rather ironic, since my step-mom’s favorite phrase while I was growing up was: “if it’s seems too good to be true, it probably is”.

I’ve had this ebb and flow of working on being intentional with my thoughts followed by my own forgetting to be in control of them the next moment for a long time. At times I get so busy or hyper focused on my work, school, activities going on in my life that the concept that my thoughts and focus in creating my life can be forgotten and just brushed to the side. Although I may forget to be intentional, the law of attraction is still working through me as the activities I work on bring more of that into my life.

In recent events, it was my honeymoon where I saw the world bringing this message to the forefront of my mind. Not long before my honeymoon I went to a used bookstore (one of my favorite places to be), I had been thinking about the book, The Secret, for a while by then. I couldn’t find my old version and I wanted to take another gander at what the book had to offer. No surprise that I found it, as many used bookstores have many copies. I picked up that book, amongst my heaping armfuls of other books, and proceeded to the cash register. This book was marked at $5, the cashier looked at that price and said to me, that’s a bit much, how about a dollar. It was as if the universe wanted me to hear this message. I went home with this book and set it aside, as I do with most books that come home with me. Now this was I believe July, my news year resolution earlier that year was to just read half a book a month. Well, that didn’t happen. Fast forward to my honeymoon, I took that little book with me on the plane and finished the whole thing. Ok, if you’ve read the secret you know it’s an easy read nevertheless, the whole year I hadn’t finished one book and here I am finishing this one. I brought those ideas and intentions on my honeymoon.

We were on Roatan Island and just finished a remarkable experience of interacting and enjoying our time with multiple monkeys as they walked all over our shoulders. We were waiting for a late bus to take us back to the boat and that’s where we met Louie. It was like the universe wanted to bring Louie into our lives. Louie was a man who lived with intention, who knew the power of his mind. He understood what kind of power the human held. On the bus ride back to the boat he didn’t hold back in expressing to me and my husband this message. As he spoke to us it was as if the messages about the law of attraction (which he didn’t even connect to the law of attraction) flowed through his essence. He never read The Secret, he just knew these things to be true. He didn’t know what the law of attraction was, he just understood. His entire being just radiating wisdom. He told us a story of how he wanted to see what a million dollars in cash looked like, and how he found himself standing in a room with a million dollars. He expressed to us how he built a successful business, and the people he’s met, all though his own intentions and beliefs. He was truly an inspiration that my husband and I still talk about to this day. We are so grateful for that encounter.

When I look around at the life I’ve created, it’s literally everything I’ve asked for. I know this because I wrote a letter to myself in the 8th grade. That letter was sent to me years later and I had achieved almost everything on that list. I’m still working towards honing in on what I want in this life, but that’s part of the fun. I look forward to continuing to see what I have asked for come into my life.

When I give surface thoughts to the law of attraction I can relate the concept to creating clarity of what is wanted, focusing on it, moving towards it and allowing the universe to help along the way. When we are intentional with what we want, we get it. When we have positive feelings about the things we want, we get it.

If it speaks to you today, get clear on what you want. Write it down, look at it, envision it in your life, and make the path for it to come to you. This is your life and you are in control.



My husband and I at Roatan Island.