Right Use of Energy, Brahmacharya

By: Jenna Bacchi

This week the theme of my yoga classes is brahmacharya. This means right use of energy. This really got me thinking as I wrote out some reflections of my own for my students.

What is my own right use of energy? Am I spending time on the things I believe in, on living the life I want, on giving back to my community in a way that I believe in?

Right use of energy can extend into so many dimensions. This could be in the direction of our family, our work, our faith, etcetera. When it comes down to it, it is vital to ponder on what is best for our own missions in our life. It’s vital to ponder on, where our energy has to go to be in that authentic space of living. Where our energy has to go so, we arrive where we want to be, and so we can live a life we believe in. Even to the extent of how you want to be remembered after our time on this Earth is over. This is where we find fulfillment in our lives, and our satisfaction in this human experience.

If we do not put our energy into what we believe in and what we value, then our lives will start to run us, instead of us running our lives. It’s powerful to sit down and look at where we are offering our energy and what outcome we expect to have. Will your use of energy eventually result in what you’re craving for in this lifetime?

If we spend copious moments on social media, but our goals have nothing to do with scrolling through your Facebook feed are we getting any closer to the energetic or physical place we want to be? If we’re watching TV at night, but we want to lose weight, it’s time to turn the TV off and spend our precious energy in the gym and cooking healthy food. Think about where you’re spending your time and think about what the payoff is. Looking at that will prove to you whether you’re practicing Brahmacharya.

It’s vital to have concentration (dharana), when traveling on the path that we believe in. This is what keeps us on the right track to achieving our desires and living our best lives. When we use our concentration in conjunction with finding our own right use of energy, the result is a beautiful life that we love living.

Sure, it might seem like common knowledge to put your energy in the direction of what you’d like to receive, but many of us don’t. Some of us are surfing social media, instead of paying attention to family. Some of us are out at the bars on the weekends instead of waking up early and training for 5ks. Where does your energy need to go to live out your duty?

Brahmacharya asks of us to re- evaluate how we spend our time and energy. Brahmacharya gives us an opportunity to reflect on whether our daily commitments, and practices are in line with what we actually want and believe is right for our lives.

To take the time to realize our own right use of energy is important to first identify our mission in life. This can be very vague if you don’t know exactly how you want to contribute to society. Some vague examples include, help people, help animals, serve god or to put family first. This can also be very specific of course, for example, to be a nurse in ICU and save lives daily from 8pm to 4am. From there, we can evaluate if what we’re doing right now in our lives is part of our right use of energy. We can take a moment to reflect on whether where we put our time, energy, efforts and attention are in line with that. When we are in alignment with what we want we live lives of bliss.

Let me know how it went! I hope you all are directing your energy in the direction of what you believe is your right use of energy.

Photo by Pixabay

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