Meet your instructor

Sonja Herington in front of her healing gong.

Sonja Herington is KRI Certified in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® and has been teaching since 2015. Her Kundalini Yoga classes are held Mondays from 6:30-7:45 p.m. She also hosts a Free Community Meditation and Fellowship the second Saturday of every month starting at 5:30 p.m. In addition to yoga and meditation, Sonja holds several special events throughout the year including special classes for the solstices and equinoxes, sound healing sessions with the gong, and courses on pranayama for breath awareness and benefits, among others. Through her Get Balanced home based business, she helps individuals learn inner truths about their journey of Self Awareness by offering one-on-one sessions accessing their Akashic Records. She is also Reiki Level 3 attuned, and is a Wellness Coach with Yoli the Better Body Company. Sonja’s spiritual name that was granted to her while she was in Kundalini Yoga teacher training is Amrit Prem Kaur. Amrit is the sweet nectar of Divine Grace, and Prem is Divine Love; so Sonja likes to say when you practice with her you get stuck in love! Feel free to follow her at her business page Get Balanced on Facebook to learn about all the events Sonja offers, or message her to learn more about her services. Sat Nam! 

Amy Whelan

Amy Whelan has been a Reiki Master since 2000 and a recently became Registered Yoga Teacher in 2018. Her passion has always been focused on health, healing, and being a constant learner. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics, Nutrition, and Food Science, a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education (Deaf and Hard of Hearing), and a Masters in Special Education. She is an active member of Stagecoach Players, a community theater in DeKalb, IL.
When the opportunity arose to partner with Temple Yoga’s Founder, Jenna Bacchi, she jumped at the chance. Amy will be teaching a restorative yoga/Reiki class with Emily Schairer as well as offering trainings to individuals who are interested in becoming Reiki practitioners themselves.

Nancy Long

Nancy Long  offers women’s self defense classes at Temple yoga. She has been an elementary school teacher for the last 23 years, with a masters plus 40 in education. Her abilities to teach have been honed in over the years and now she’s coming to the community to bring you the education you need for self-defense. In addition to her experience in Tae Kwon Do, and teaching she is also a certified as an ACE personal trainer and brings fitness knowledge to the community. One of her favorite classes to instruct is kick-boxing.